Friday, April 19, 2013

Garment Sewing Revisited

I have written about my challenges with garment sewing in Misadventure #1 (the too small, too tight skirt),  Item 1 (ugly skirt with unfortunate flower), and Sorbetto Unpicked (the muslin disaster). 

I tried the Colette Sorbetto again, and with some serious hacking and restitching, I managed to create a FrankenSorbetto. One armhole is actually larger than the other. I wear it while camping because it's cool in the Summer and I don't care if it gets ruined!


It seemed I was destined to only make simple elastic waist skirts like these I wrote about in Garment Sewing.

I'm very happy to say, however, that I will be getting professional instruction on garment sewing! I'll soon be taking classes at a local fabric store that will teach me how to alter a pattern and sew a shift dress. Altering a pattern is something I need to learn in person because I've tried reading books, reading online, and watching online videos and I still don't get it.

What challenges have you had trying to learn something new? Did you throw in the towel or seek help from someone more knowledgable?


  1. I can generally follow a pattern, but I'm not good at altering one either. It will be interesting to see how your classes go.

    I usually try to learn more about something I'm have problems with, but not always. It just depends on how interested I am in the activity.

    1. I also need to be very interested in an activity in order to keep trying & learn more. For example, with garment sewing, if I could find clothes that fit well off the rack, I probably wouldn't bother. I'll try on a top that will fit my chest but then the shoulders are too big and droopy or the armholes are humungous. I am so frustrated with the fit of clothing that it's driving me to keep trying.

  2. Good luck with your class. I had a friend in college who could just make her own patterns, and they'd turn out. I was always so envious of her abilities.

    I am wanting to sew a summer dress, but haven't sewn more than elastic waist anything for a very long time. When I was last at a fabric store I saw some wide-band elastic waisted fabric, the kind with a 2-3 inch band of elastic sewn to a cute fabric. With a coupon, it would make a cute and affordable summer skirt, and no pattern required.

    I tend to persevere with challenging projects. I don't want to be beat by the project. But sometimes I set it aside for a few months, or years, then come back to it.

    1. People that can draft patterns like your college friend are amazing!

      I confess, I have been so intimidated by the thought of sewing in a zipper that I've stuck with elastic. I'm hoping to break out of that. Sewing a zipper into a bag wasn't nearly as difficult as I thought it would be so maybe it's the same with clothing? We'll see.


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