Monday, April 15, 2013

Charming Beaded Necklace

When my daughter recently sang her first solo song for a jazz choir concert, I wanted to present her with a special gift to commemorate the occasion.

I'd make a beaded necklace with a musical charm to wear during the concert. I purchased the beads and treble clef charm but had elastic cording at home which I used to string the beads and charm.

Well, it looked okay, but it wasn't very stable. The beads were a little too heavy for the elastic cording and I was afraid it would stretch out or even break.

Don't use elastic cording for longer necklaces or heavy beads!

I did some quick online research and found the website, Beadwork, and decided to try it. I was concerned because usually when I learn new crafts it takes a few times to get it right. It was the first show day and I was almost out of time. I printed my coupon and rushed to the local craft store for tools and supplies.

Following the directions from the website, I was able to remake the necklace on beading wire and add clasps. Now, the necklace is stable and beautiful!

Beaded on beading wire.

Necklace clasp.

The proper tools are absolutely necessary. I had the jewelry pliers already, purchased with a 40% off coupon, from a previous project. I bought the crimping tool with my 40% off coupon but had to pay full price for the jewelry wire cutter because I was out of time for this project.

Wire cutter, crimping pliers, round-nose pliers

It's so easy, and if you plan ahead, you can get the supplies on sale at the store or at a discount online through a jewelry supplier. It's an inexpensive way to treat yourself to something pretty or to make meaningful gifts for others. I definitely will be making more jewelry!


  1. I do beading then and again, and it's really fun to watch a project come together like this one. What a nice gesture for your daughter.

    1. Thank you. This is a big year of firsts for her so I like to make it special.

  2. Hi Sharon,
    That's good to know about using wire for long or heavy necklaces. I've only beaded bracelets, but was thinking of doing a necklace for my step-mom, and this is very helpful. Even with bracelets, I've found that heavier beads require a thicker, slightly less elastic, stretchy cord.

    1. I made a beaded bracelet with elastic cording and had it roll right off my wrist & break. Since it broke in the yard, there was a charm that I couldn't find. I plan to restring what I could find, on wire, very soon.


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